CouchDB service provider

This is a list of professional service providers that are specifically focused on CouchDB.

  • Cloudant – A Y-Combinator start-up. It’s out of its beta period.Cloudant’s distributed database as a service (DBaaS) allows developers of fast-growing web and mobile apps to focus on building and improving their products, instead of worrying about scaling and managing databases on their own. Highly available, durable and feature-rich, our data store is built for scaling, optimized for concurrent reads & writes, and handles a wide variety of data types including JSON, full-text, and geospatial.
  • Iris Couch – A CouchDB consultancy that has branched out into CouchDB hosting services.
    • A web server
    • which is also a RESTful database
    • that you query with Javascript
    • including geospatial data
    • which syncs to your server and phone
    • for free.Free Service,Iris Couch costs zero dollars for modest usage. Experimenting, developing, prototyping, and even small production sites costs zero dollars.
  • Couchappy – A start-up providing for free dedicated and latest official versions of Apache CouchDB.
  • – Cloudnode is a new hosting platform for Node.js, CouchDB and Redis

Here are the resources hope to help you:
Apache CouchDB 1.7.0 Documentation
CouchDB: The Definitive Guide show you how to use this document-oriented database as a standalone application framework or with high-volume, distributed applications. With its simple model for storing, processing, and accessing data, CouchDB is ideal for web applications that handle huge amounts of loosely structured data.